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Possibilities in the XR field

What are the possibilities in the XR field? 

By Kimmo Pakarinen, RDI Advisor in Information Technology
Savonia University of Applied Sciences

The Future Technologies in Education project concentrates on implementing XR technologies in healthcare. As it is mentioned in our earlier blog post (, there are quite a few XR solutions for healthcare education. But how about other fields? What other fields can benefit or use XR technologies?

XR technologies are well taken by the entertainment industry such as gaming and 3D movies. More and more games and movies are being developed to use XR technologies. While the entertainment industry currently utilizes XR technologies the most, other fields are getting into the XR world. Common areas of business where XR is used are product design & prototyping, education, workforce & project collaboration, trainer & worker guidance and sales & marketing.

There are many possibilities for XR technologies. These technologies can be beneficial in healthcare and surgery, military training, architecture work, art and education. It has also been tested in the rehabilitation and treatment of phobias and anxieties. Possibilities are numerous and more possibilities open as technology and hardware advances.

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