FutureEdu project develops educational material in collaboration with regional and international partners. To have a wider impact and develop a more flexible educational model, the project works with key partners listed below.


SakkySavo Vocational College (Sakky) is part of the Savo Consortium for Education. It is a regional vocational institute, which provides vocational qualifications, apprenticeship training and competence-based education. Adult education and re-training are also the main priorities of the College. It offers a wider range of education, which includes Social Science, Business and Administration, Tourism, Natural Sciences, Health, Sports, Natural Resources and the Environment, Technology, Communication and Transport.

The Sakky´s role in the project is to provide expertise in the area of perioperative nursing mainly surgical instrument maintenance. For more information here:



Yatrus Foundation is a Bulgarian non-profit organization working that provides expertise on strategic planning, project management and regional development expertise. It has participated in numerous strategic documents for LAGs, Bulgarian regional and local authorities. In addition, assist to preserve and promote cultural and natural heritage, in particular the monuments from the Roman era.  Yatrus Foundation  ESF project under the name “ Virtual Innovation for Entrepreneurship and growth” enhace the European Digital Agenda through the exchanges o transnational experiences and innovations related to virtual reality. The main objective of the project is to promote youth enterprise in the creation of microenterprises working in sectors creating virtual products.

Yatrus role in the project is to assist in the development of a virtual environment for training nursing and biomedical professional. In addition, Yatrus coordinates the participation of professional in XR training developed in the project.

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 “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse, established in Ruse on the year 1945. The university is organized in eight faculties which are: Agrarian and Industrial Faculty, Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Electronics and Automation, Faculty of Transport, Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Health and Healthcare. Two branches of Ruse University are located in Silistra and Razgrad. The University also administer the Bulgarian and Romanian Inter-university Europa Centre.

FutureEdu project works with the Faculty of Public Health and Health Care to develop a learning virtual environment for health professionals. More information:


The private vocational college for social activities and security in Rousse The mission of the Private professional college is to support those who wish to continue their professional development and acquire new skills in training in the areas such as social, security and entrepreneurship. The College creates and improves a sustainable educational environment, guaranteeing a modern learning process and full development of every college student. The College organizes training in the Security (profession guard), Entrepreneurship and Management (profession company manager)  and Nursing and upbringing of children in domestic conditions (profession Family Day Nurse ) . For more information:


Social and Health Care District South Karelia,  (Eksote, Etelä-karjalan sosiaali- ja terveypiiri), Eksote covers the South Karelia region and provides health services family and social welfare services, and services for senior citizens that promote health and everyday wellbeing and functioning. The project works mainly with the South Karelia Laboratory Center.  The South Karelia Laboratory Center consists of central hospital laboratories, regional laboratories and Malla laboratory sampling vehicle. The Central Hospital laboratories are situated in Lappeenranta and have departments of clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology and clinical pathology.

The role of the South Karelia Laboratory Center is to contribute to develop the virtual learning environments for biomedical professional under the satellite educational model. For more information:


FutureEdu also works with Kuopio University Hospital and diverse local XR companies.


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