Project Manager of FutureEdu Project

Anssi Mähönen, Project manager in FutureEdu

PhD (Molecular Medicine)
Senior Lecturer (Biomedical laboratory science), Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Over 20 years’ experience in Molecular Medicine (gene therapy, gene therapy vectors), Molecular biology and Biomedical laboratory Science. In addition strong experience in higher education, RDI work, international co-operation and project leading.

Bachelor degree in Biomedical laboratory Science
Master degree in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology,
 Doctoral degree in Molecular Medicine
Qalified teacher in higher education

Work experience:
·        I have more than 13 years’ work experience in RDI (Molecular Medicine). I have worked in the A.I. Virtanen Institute, University of Eastern Finland, Department of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine.
My subject of Doctoral Thesis was “The challenge of enhanced and long-term baculovirus-mediated gene expression in vertebrate cells”. See my doctoral thesis:
·     I have also studied virus like- particles (VLPs) in vaccine development in the University of Tampere.
·        I have also worked as an Assistant Research Manager in the Research department of Ark Therapeutics Oy
·        7 years’ work experience in higher education (Biomedical laboratory science). I have been as a senior lecturer in Biomedical Laboratory Science in Savonia University of Applied Science
·        I have done international co-operation
·        Joint degree/joint semester – Austria (FH Campus Wien, University of Applied Science)
·        Joint teaching – Austria (Salzburg University of Applied Science)
·        Cooperation in BMLS – China (SUMHS, Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences)
·        Worked as a project manager in several projects (national and international) (e.g. Heli-project, Food Testlab-project , Baculogenes-project)

My expertise for the project:
Because of my background, I have learned to operate a process-like, in an organized manner and to bring matters to a conclusion in accordance with the objectives of project. I have good co-operation, team and interaction skills. In addition, previous project management and leading experience and strong international experience are also benefits for the successful project management. I have experience in project management from University, University of Applied Sciences and private company.

My extensive experience and knowledge in Biomedical Laboratory Science, RDI and higher education support the project objectives.

My watchword:
“Strong multiprofessional knowledge, cooperation and international development – The way to success”

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