Biomedical Laboratory Science Expert

Susanna Vuohelainen
ecturer in Biomedical laboratory science, Savonia University of Applied Sciences

• Bachelor degree in Biomedical laboratory Science, Savonia University of Applied Sciences
• Master degree in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, University of Eastern Finland
• Currently studying at the School of Professional Teacher Education, JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Work experience
• More than 10 years’ working experience in a clinical pathology lab of Central hospital of Central Finland, multiple responsibilities
• Few years’ experience in the research of biotechnology in the A.I. Virtanen institute, studying metabolism of the polyamines and diabetes
• Two years as a product specialist in a chemistry company with development, manufacturing and sales in the segments of infectious disease diagnostics and liquid based solutions and reagents of life sciences (IVD products)
• A full time lecturer in Biomedical Laboratory Science in Savonia University of Applied Science, from august 2019 I have working experience from university, public health care and private company. In addition to this background, I have a wide social network of professionals in the branch of clinical laboratory science and biotechnology.

International experience
• Exchange student in Mozambique (one semester)
• Working in international research groups at the University and at the private company

My expertise for the project
Because of my background, my main expertise to this project is in the field of laboratory science, especially in histology and molecular medicine. During the years in the A.I. Virtanen institute, I learned to plan projects and apply methods in the field of molecular medicine and gene technology. In my current work as a lecturer, I observe the need for new technologies in teaching. We need to find new ways of teaching and to motivate students and new employees. Modern digital methods and environments are been developed to support the traditional hand-to-hand teaching. I have up-to-date experience and knowledge of practical work in such environments where the project aims to develop those new ways of teaching.

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