Software Development & XR Technologies Specialist

Kimmo Pakarinen, RDI Advisor, Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology, Savonia University of Applied Sciences

As newest member of the FutureEdu team, I might not have as much work experience on field of health care. Since we got our first computer in early 90´s, I have always been interested in computers and new technologies. In first years, I was mostly interested in playing computer games, but soon I was building my own computers and got interested in game development. Later, I also got interested in 3D modelling and software development. And finally, I decided to get degree on Information Technology.

During my studies I did my internship for FutureEdu -project, which included making proof of concepts and demos on how can FutureEdu -project utilize XR technologies in health care education and training. I also did Virtual Reality environment where users can learn and train usage of an microscope as my thesis for FutureEdu -project.

My expertise for the project
Taking note of my background, in Future Technologies in Education -project, my main responsibilities are XR technologies, software development and other digitalization technologies. As I have recently graduated (Feb 2020) I have good understanding of current studying methods and what could be interesting ways to learn as a student.

The World is always changing, and technology is constantly advancing, why shouldn´t teaching methods also evolve?

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