VR Microscope

VR Microscope
Thesis for the Degree Program of Information Technology
Kimmo Pakarinen

The purpose of the thesis was to produce a virtual reality learning environment for learning the use of microscope and the parts of microscope. The subject and the goals for the thesis came from Future Technologies in Education project (FutureEdu).

The theoretical section of the thesis covered theoretical studying of microscope parts and using of microscope. Information was gathered from the Internet and interviewing the professionals in the field. The theoretical part also included practical learning with a real microscope.

The development section of the thesis covered a modification of the 3D model of the microscope, developing microscope operations to the 3D model of microscope, researching and developing environment guidelines, the user interface, implementing software to the
Virtual Reality environment and researching further development opportunities.

As a result of this thesis, 3D virtual reality software was developed for learning the parts and the usage of microscope. The first pilot of the software was planned for last autumn, but unfortunately piloting was rescheduled for fall 2020, due to COVID-19.

As piloting was rescheduled, this opened an opportunity to further develop the software. During this summer, a student from Savonia UAS did his internship in our project and developed the software further. All in all, the internship made it possible to produce even better software to be piloted this fall.
You can find this thesis from Theseus, the Open Repository of the Universities of Applied Sciences:  http://urn.fi/URN:NBN:fi:amk-202002252732

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